The palace state Rajasthan is the largest state of India in terms of geographical area.

The honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan elaborated and announced the Jan-Aadhar yojana in the annual budget of 2019-2020.

What is Jan Aadhar Yojana?

The main objective or motto behind this Jan-Aadhar Yojana is to make “One Nation, One card, One Number and One identity” for all the residents and citizens of the Rajasthan government.

The Rajasthan has many challenges and problems in its terms. The Rajasthan government gets too much difficulty while delivering the Government plans and schemes to the common peoples of Rajasthan.

The people who are living in rural areas get the most difficulty. They are unable to enjoy the beneficial schemes.

The government provides too many services and plans which are very beneficial but due to the lack of knowledge among rural peoples, they fail to get benefits from all of them.

Thus, the Rajasthan government now needs a robotic or electronic mode of Scheme delivery to every citizen of Rajasthan so they launched Rajasthan Jan-Aadhar Yojana.

The government wants to make the distribution of every scheme electronic so that they can be delivered door to door without any third person interaction.

This method will also reduce corruption and make all the public scheme distribution programs more transparent and fast.

Main motto behind the implementation of Jan Aadhar Yojana in Rajasthan

The Jan-Aadhar Yojana aims to fulfill the goals and to merge all the Scheme delivery ecosystem of the State with a single card, single number as well as a single identity concept.

The Government of Rajasthan will reduce the multiple portals which are operating nowadays for the delivery of Public schemes as an objective of the Jan-Aadhar Yojana.

Nowadays, there are multiple portals and departments are specially working just to monitor these schemes and plans deliver.

After the introduction of the Jan-Aadhar Yojana, the citizens will not worry about the beneficial government schemes.

The government will deliver all of its plans and services at your doorstep themselves.

The objective of the Jan-Aadhar Yojana is to consider a single identity for a family and also an individual who takes care of the whole family and can also be called as the main vehicle or bread earner of the family.

By identifying them the government can deliver its financial as well as non-financial plans and schemes directly to that individual.

In this way, the pressure on the system of government will also reduce. The system can reach the door to the door through an interlinked network of e-Mitra kiosks.

Financial Support:-

Through this, the financial support which is provided by the government to the various p[people will now come on a huge interconnected server which will make things easier to handle.

The Identification Documents which are included in this Jan-Aadhar Yojana:
Birth certificate

Jan-Aadhar certificate

Marriage Certificate

Aadhar card

The enrollment for Jan-Aahar Yojana will be online and all the people have to enroll in this Yojna.

You can Apply for your Jan aadhar Yojana 2020 click here…

Through the online identification process by using several documents the government will ensure the credibility of this Jan-Aadhar Yojana.